Organizational Training

Changing Conversations

Businesses that optimize connection through conversations outperform competitors by 25% in gross margin and 85% in sales growth.

- Gallup

Conversation Matters

Organizations are losing people and profits because leaders lack the skills of effective conversation. Unintentional conversation results in significant relational, psychological, and financial consequences for the business.

The Conversation Matters! program equips leaders with neuroscience-based conversation tools that create an environment of engagement, trust, and increased capacity.

What’s Getting in the Way of Business Results?

Budget? Limited attention spans? Constant change? Research by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Company found that effective conversation is the number-one obstacle to organizational performance. With conversation at the core of business effectiveness, how can you equip leaders to communicate in a way that actually increases capacity?


Prepare for Transformation

Far from “leadership by lecture,” the Conversational Leadership program is a deeply personal, feedback-intense learning experience. In partnership with the Center for Coaching Excellence, we equip leaders to create transformational change through conversation.

In this customized workshop, each of your leaders will identify their leadership presence, develop their conversational approach, and be equipped with neuroscience-based tools that create motivation, trust, and vision in those they lead.

  • Tom G.
    I did a lot of research on training options and this turned out to be the perfect choice. The format gave me an opportunity to build communication skills I will use throughout my career.
    Tom G.
    Manager at Grant PR & Marketing
  • Alysse S.
    An absolutely engaging presenter! Carissa provides activities that will fill your team’s tool box for years to come.
    Alysse S.
    Civic Partnerships Manager at CPS Energy
  • Peter J.
    A game-changer for me as a leader! This training gave me tools to develop others.
    Peter J.
    Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives at Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester
  • Julia M.
    A leader in the industry, Carissa changes the way executives interact with their teams.
    Julia M.
    Managing Director at ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions

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