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Powerfully Present

Masterful coaching is more than a set of skills; it is your presence as a coach.

You, as the coach, are the most important tool in the coaching process. As you deepen your awareness and intuition as a coach, your coaching becomes more fluid and connected to the client.

Mentor coaching takes you deep into the ICF competencies, refining your skills  and mindsets as a coach. It is an indispensable element in your personal and professional coach development.

ICF requires 10 mentor coaching hours for each level of credential and for all ACC renewals. Whether you are pursuing your ACC, PCC, or MCC, mentor coaching expands the depth and impact of your partnership with clients.


Master Certified

Your mentor coach, Carissa Gay, the founder and CEO of Courageous Leaders, is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) who has coached over 3500 hours across corporate, government and academic spheres. Deeply committed to helping coaches hone their skills, she is also a mentor coach through the Center for Coaching Excellence, The Academies, and the CoachRICE program at Rice University.

Mentor Coaching Includes:

  • Core competency worksheets
  • Call reviews with observation metrics
  • Opportunity to coach and be coached

Mentor Coaching is available in:

  • Individual call review sessions
  • 10 session ICF credentialing package
  • Masterful Coaching Skills course

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The 3 Characteristics of Masterful Coaching

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  • Jess W
    Carissa’s intuition and skill as a mentor coach have brought a new depth and focus to my coaching. I have learned so much from our sessions, giving me the tools and capability to support my clients in a way that I wasn't able to before.
    Jess W
    Associate Director at CBRE
  • Dahlia R.
    Carissa empowered me to identify and own my unique coaching style. Her honest feedback gave me insight to go deeper in my development as a professional coach.
    Dahlia R.
    ACC, VP of Finance at Vericast
  • Pamela M.
    Carissa was a thoughtful and empowering mentor coach. She deeply listened to my strengths and helped me create greater depth and simplicity in my coaching. Thanks to her I sailed through PCC and now have my sights set on MCC.
    Pamela M.
    PhD., PCC, Chief of Staff and Strategy at Duke Science Institute
  • Bjorn B.
    Carissa’s mentor coaching opened my eyes to the depth of the core competencies and how I can create the greatest benefit for my clients. She is a gifted mentor with a graceful presence and innate ability to bring out your best as a coach.
    Bjorn B.
    ACC, Talent Engagement & Development at State Bar of California