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You’re ready to be sought out for greater leadership but your skills are being overlooked and underutilized. In fact, you wonder if you’ve just settled for status quo.

Advancing your career and expanding your leadership influence comes down to a simple reality: the conversations you’re having with yourself and others. Every situation has a story, and until you understand how to live courageously in yours, it’s hard to step off the sidelines.

Courageous Leaders brings clarity to your “now” and a confident roadmap to your future, growing your capacity as a leader and expanding your opportunities and impact.


The Catalyst

One tiny shift can change your whole trajectory. Whether you’re looking for direction, positioning yourself for advancement, or wanting to grow your leadership, our signature packages are designed to accelerate growth. 


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As a leader you are most significant in your team’s success. Developing clear vision and effective communication is essential to a high-performance culture. Let’s unleash the capacity of your team!

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  • Rob H
    Working with Carissa brought me the courage to face my fears and clarity about my purpose in the world. I have been able to re-calibrate and launch myself in a deeply authentic direction that keeps unfolding in wonderful ways.
    Rob H
    Operations Manager at Academy of Art University
  • Jay T
    Carissa’s versatility and coaching style positions her well to provide coaching to leaders up and down the organizational chart. After working with a variety of coaches on my own and through my employers, my experience with Carissa has topped all other coaches.
    Jay T
    Manager of Project Controls at Southern California Edison
  • Melodie C
    Through coaching I discovered how to articulate my value and landed a huge promotion as a result. It’s no longer daunting to think about where I want to take my career in the future. Instead, it’s a topic I’m endlessly excited about because I’m now empowered with insight of what I’m uniquely good at and passionate about.
    Melodie C
    Sr. Manager, Global Sales at Service Now
  • Ti L
    Confused and lacking clarity about my career, I found a safe space to think, dream, and create tangible steps towards my next career path. She empowered me to believe in myself and articulate my value to attract the very role I was seeking.
    Ti L
    Human Resources Assistant at University of Texas at Austin
  • Julia B
    Before coaching, I was directionless and had no idea what I wanted out of life. Now I have a clear roadmap for the future and am making confident steps towards goals I’m excited about.
    Julia B
    Sales Representative at IKO Industries
  • Deborah V
    Coaching has been instrumental in my growth and development both professionally and personally. When I had just started as a new manager, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain in my role. Carissa helped me to define my leadership style and gain the confidence and tools to become a strategic leader.
    Deborah V
    Senior Manager at Southern California Edison
  • Bri R.
    Coaching was a challenging and wonderful experience! It accelerated my growth and showed me how to unravel the fears that were blocking my progress.
    Bri R.
    Training Customer Success Manager at Service Now
  • Ana S.
    Carissa is absolutely one of the best coaches out there! She transformed how I view myself and helped me chart a path to a new role.
    Ana S.
    Development Strategy Manager at American Express
  • Kathryn C.
    In an uncertain time, Carissa helped me find resilience and proactively author the next chapter. It's been a true pleasure to work with her and find my personal 'why.'
    Kathryn C.
    Sr. Manager of Innovation at Kohler
  • Alex F.
    Coaching with Carissa was one of the best investments I have made in my career! She helped me find clarity on what I was looking for, identify my “superpowers,” and confidently step into the next opportunity.
    Alex F.
    Consultant at BCG
  • Chao W.
    Through coaching I discovered that I have what it takes to lead well.
    Chao W.
    Software Engineer at Roblox

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