Courageous Leaders

Carissa Gay

CEO & Founder

Pursuing passion

My focus and passion is developing significant leaders of impact. In more than 20 years of people-development,  I’ve consistently seen that vision,  communication, and resilience are the hallmarks of sought-out leaders.

My career has spanned academic, non-profit, and corporate leadership roles, all focused on building individual and organizational efficacy. After serving as the trainer for a national team of coaches, I founded Courageous Leaders to help high-performers grow their capacity and the capacity of those they lead.

In addition to coaching leaders and facilitating Conversation Matters! workshops, I am the Director of Coach Development for the Center for Coaching Excellence, and an adjunct instructor for The Academies, Inc. I am also a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Organizational Neuroscience. I served as President of ICF San Antonio from 2019-2021, and continue working as Past-President to create strategic relationships across Texas.

I am honored to hold the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation from the International Coaching Federation, as well as certifications from Hogan, Leadership Circle, EQi 2.0, Leadership Versatility Index, MBTI, Executive Leadership Development, and Career Management. My education includes degrees in English and Christian Education, along with a Master’s in Counseling. 

A life-long learner, I enjoy percolating on new ideas and finding my next growth edge. In fact, I lived for five years in the world’s coldest capital, and now reside in the heart of San Antonio. You’ll find me enjoying the sunshine in my free time or trying out my new swing dancing skills.



Pursuing continuous growth and partnering with professionals who want to be their leadership best


Embedding every conversation with sincere encouragement, belief in your giftedness, and a heartfelt commitment to your success


Committed to excellence and providing the highest quality tools, resources, and personalized service


Developing sought-out leaders who make a significant impact in their sphere of influence


Embracing a journey of joy and discovery in doing what we love

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